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99 Green Ideas

White "Rocks" Glass - special limited edition

White "Rocks" Glass - special limited edition

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This is one of the many awesome ideas in our book "99 Green Ideas" : Handcrafted by a boutique maker in Melbourne, these tumblers are made from recycled wine bottles collected from pubs, that would otherwise have ended in landfill. What a great idea to recycle such a wonderful resource.  

This is a special edition created in collaboration with Melbourne Design Studios, made from white (clear) bottles with a white MDS logo imprint on it. Note if you grow tired of the MDS print, you could just put them in the dishwasher and it'll come off after a few washes - but if you wanted to preserve it then you can do so by carefully hand-washing the glasses. 

Makes a beautiful gift idea for yourself or for your friends. This is a single glass, but there are also sets of four available in our product range. 

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