$ For Good

It is not just about the words we say, it is also the actions we take and the choices we make. For each and every book you purchase, we not only aim to empower you to do good, but we also actively contribute towards making a positive impact by donating: 
$1 towards Fighting Poverty
$1 towards Planting Trees
$1 towards Cleaning the Oceans


We have partnered with various charities to actively bring about change in our world today. To learn more about the details, please check below. We are here to make a difference together! Thank you for joining us.

Donation partners for this month to be announced soon!

Just imagine...

The world has 8 billion citizens as off 2023. 12% of those enjoy a very comfortable income. That is over 800 million people. Nearly half of the world pollution is counted towards the middle class with a comfortable income for their means, constituting approximately 4 billion people.

Just imagine we could inspire only 1% of those individuals like you and me, to make better daily choices that contribute to a better world. By achieving this, we could accomplish incredible things. Not only would we collectively heal our planet, on top of that we would help to plant over 5 million trees, donate $50 million to charities fighting poverty and $50 million to clean up the oceans.

There have been 600 million copies of Harry Potter books sold as of 2023. Just imagine if everyone who owns a Harry Potter book would also own a book of 99 Green Ideas. Together, those of us who are fortunate enough not to live in poverty and can afford to make even a small difference, could make a massive difference and transform our world in so many ways.

Let’s embrace many green moments and collectively steer the course of our planet towards a green future. Together, we can make a remarkable difference.