DIY Videos

Welcome to your very own green paradise! Discover the joy of DIY, and join us in crafting some amazing things together. Just click on the video instruction buttons and meet us inside for an easy to follow tutorial, that will guide you step-by-step in crafting your very own masterpieces. Showing you how you can easily create these too. Have fun and enjoy.

Idea #55

Hemp Towel Ring

Making your own towel rings from hemp is a fun and easy project. All you need is 6 meters of hemp rope and two screw hooks for each ring.

Hemp fibre is amazing – it is resistant to mould, mildew, and even saltwater. Growing hemp is beneficial for the planet too. It absorbs carbon dioxide and when farmers harvest hemp, they can use the excess nutrients from the stems and leaves to enrich the soil with nitrogen. This revitalizes the soil, leading to higher yields in future seasons.

Have fun, wow your guests and enjoy your new creation!

Video Instructions - Coming Soon

Idea #76

Upcycled T-Shirt Tote Bag

You are no good at sewing but have an old T-Shirt or two laying around ?

All you need to fashion it into a new life as a tote bag is a pair of scissors!

Can't believe that ? Check out the detailed video instructions by following the QR code and link from the book !

And don't forget to post pics of your results in our online community !

Video Instructions

Idea #93

IDEA #93 : Decoupage Project

With decoupage you can create stunning effects with a simple five-step process - just find an old piece of furniture that could do with some improvements. 

For detailed instructions follow the QR code to our online videos in your copy of the book. Any questions ? Feel free to get in touch via or ask in our green tribe. 

We look forward to seeing pics of your amazing transformations - and maybe even your own ideas that you can share with our growing green family !

Video Instructions - Coming Soon