Gift a Book

More than half of our young people in the western world suffer from climate anxiety, with 30% seeking counselling. Anxiety causes nothing but procrastination. And no more than ever we need action instead. This book gives hope and a blueprint for how to thrive in times of climate change, and how we can make big changes the good way, and in a fun way … Our mission is to empower senior school students and university students to win their future back. We aspire to place this invaluable book in the hands of every young person, from school libraries to each and every student. But we can't achieve this mission alone – we need your help! 

You can make a difference by gifting a book to a student or even an entire class or school.  You have the choice of either suggesting a specific school, or let us select one for you.

In recognition of your generosity, we will gladly acknowledge you as the sponsor in various locations, depending on the number of books you choose to gift. Imagine the impact you make and the gratitude you'll receive from these young minds! 

Contact us for all the details and learn about our special bulk discounts to make your donation go further. Together, let’s spread the goodness.

Email us to order your gifted book(s)