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"Zollstock" Ruler - Measuring German-Style

"Zollstock" Ruler - Measuring German-Style

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Great for every carpenter or DIY-er : This folding ruler made from natural wood with sturdy metal hinges is a must-have for every carpenter or DIY-er. 

No German tradie would ever be seen without one of these - it's one of the best inventions, and makes a great gift for your dad, mate, your chippie or really anyone. It fits in every pocket and folds out to 2m. Perfect for measuring on the go, in your home, or on a building site. Don't rely on measuring tapes, that give you a different result each time, depending on how strong you pull, how straight it is and even what the temperature is that makes the metal expand or shrink. This thing is 100% reliable, straigth and just purely awesome ! 

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