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99 Green Ideas

99 Green Ideas

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99 Ideas to create Green Moments for your Home and Apartment

Every single product has a story: Have you ever asked yourself where your products come from? And where they go after they have expired? Or how their journey has been from their origin all the way to their destination? 
Get ready to join this dynamic award-winning architect - designer couple Marc and Felicity Bernstein on their remarkable mission to change the course of our planet, while spreading love to all of us. Not only Trivia lovers will gain mountains of knowledge from the “Fun Facts” accompanying each product. This book has what it takes to be a bestseller, and every household should have a copy.

“Mother Nature has always inspired great designers, Felicity and Marc are carrying on that tradition. Their collective passion, knowledge and ability to communicate sustainable principles through actions as well as words has resulted in this guide that can be used and applied by everyone...”, Pete Colquhoun, TV Host (Better Homes & Gardens, Habitus House), Artist & Architect

“99 Green Ideas” takes you on a journey to discover the stories behind the products we use in our homes. Filled with inspiring ideas and practical tips, the book empowers you to make choices that have a positive impact on the planet, while celebrating the joy of living in a greener world. This book is about more than Sustainability and Interior Design: As an every-day guide helping with the selection of eco household items, green furniture and textiles, it shows us how to make better choices, how to live a more sustainable lifestyle and how to create a loving and healthy home that is good for our planet. You will find everything here, from celebrity makers to DIY ideas and instructional videos, from artisans in remote rural communities, to global brands starting to take a stand for our planet. It is one of the first books ever that invites you to join an exclusive but growing online community of book owners and like-minded people, to share your own ideas and join the biggest movement for a better future.

“Marc and Felicity practice what they preach more than anyone else I know. This is an essential book for anyone who yearns for a greener planet and a guidebook to get there....”, Tim Ross, TV Host (ABC), Radio Host, Design Lover & Comedian  

This book is not just your ordinary coffee table book. It is an entertaining, inspiring, and educational masterpiece, that has the power to bring people together in a community for greater good. With every single book sold, $3 (USD) go towards fighting poverty, cleaning the oceans, and nurturing our planet with trees. 99 Green Ideas are inviting everyone to join the movement and to make the future more GREEN-SOME! 

This book contains 99 tips for micro-activism in your daily life. It is very much the book for our times, when it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the challenges we face. The book shows how in numerous small ways we can make a difference and holds out the hope that this micro-activism can have macro-effects.”, Mr Michael Pearce, Barrister SC, Honorary Consul-General of the Federal Republic of Germany
The world needs every single one of us. If we all just take one idea out of this book into our homes and life, we will together make a huge splash towards a greener and bright future. Join the movement, invite a friend, spread love and make the future more GREEN-SOME.
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